Live scouting is without a doubt a very effective tool to find players in a small selective region, usually in close proximity to where the club operates. Analysing full matches on video allows a club to extend this area significantly. But even with the combination of these two it is impossible to achieve world wide coverage, or to even fully cover one continent. That is why many clubs extensively scout a selective region, deliberately choosing to ignore other parts of the world. A missed opportunity, because focused digital scouting can identify interesting players globally.

11tegen11 Scouting covers all professional leagues worldwide, both with data and video. We use data analysis as a first filter. Advanced player profiles identify the most suitable players within the club’s budget. We adjust them for the playing style of the club and the intended player roles within every position. Obviously, we place more emphasis on certain regions, for example because the club doesn’t cover those properly themselves.

After compiling a longlist from our data analysis process, we evaluate those players on video. Three different video scouts watch about 80 to 100 clips of a player with WyScout. By finding the most relevant clips in 9-12 different matches, we get a clear picture of his strengths and weaknesses. The best players we can find within this combination of data and video scouting enter the shortlist. We provide this player list to the club.

Video scouting

World wide coverage

Both for data analysis and video scouting, we cover every professional league in the world, as well as a large number of youth leagues. The fact that we integrate multiple layers of video analysis into our scouting process distinguishes us from data providers who offer a platform to the club to work with.

While such a platform can be useful, we believe in taking as much of the actual work as possible out of the hands of the club. In addition, such a platform does not combine data with video. Therefore, it will always lead to a lower hit rate in the players suggested.

The digital scouting process of 11tegen11 Scouting, with full integration of data analysis and video scouting, ensures the optimal customisation based on the specific preferences of the club.

world wide coverage

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